Friday, August 29, 2014

Frame I was inspired to redo a picture frame for my newly painted living room. The painter's tray is what caught my eye. I painted my frame a soft blue and then I passed a coat of crackle medium. When it was dry, I softly sanded the entire surface. I then made my roses and sprayed them with a mist. I added leaves and the job was done.


  1. Hi Donna! Your frame is very beautiful!
    Unfortunately Scrap Around The World is a scrapbook challenge and we only accept layouts, canvases and Art Journal pages.
    But thank you for sharing your frame with us :)

  2. Donna your frame is beautiful as Karita sys unfortunately it does not fall under canvas, layout or journal page. Perhaps you can take a photo of it and scrap the photo as the most beautiful frame ever! The flowers are stunning! I hope you come back in the future and try again! All the best from SATW! :)